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Internet is a big part of your life in Amarillo. You get online every day, whether it’s to check your email, watch TV, plan a trip or read the news. And you keep a lot of information online. Your contacts, photos and personal information – even your passwords – are most likely stored on the Web.

We get it – getting online is important. And so is your Internet provider. You need high-speed Internet service that’s reliable and affordable – from a provider you can count on.

And we can help. We’ve got the facts on broadband Internet options, Amarillo Internet service providers and the best Internet service for you.

What you need to know about broadband

Broadband Internet just means high-speed Internet service. Broadband Internet allows for faster data transmission – and unlimited Internet access. Most people choose broadband Internet if it’s available in their area.

There are four major broadband Internet service providers:


The newest – and fastest – broadband Internet provider, with speeds up to 500 Mbps. Fiber-optic Internet is mainly available in large cities.


Cable is almost as fast as fiber-optic Internet – and it’s more widely available. Cable Internet runs on the same networks as cable TV.


Unlike fiber-optic and cable, DSL works with landline connections. It’s available in urban and rural areas – all you need is an existing phone line.


Satellite Internet transmits data between satellites in space and a dish at your home. Satellite has speeds comparable to cable and DSL – and you can get it virtually anywhere.

What about dial-up?

Dial-up isn’t technically counted among broadband Internet service providers, since it’s slower than other services. But it’s a cheap Internet service, and it’s available in areas where fiber-optic, cable and DSL aren’t.

Choosing the best Internet service for you

Exploring TX Internet service providers can be overwhelming. But remember – only you can decide which one is best for you.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

How much am I willing to spend?

With so many options for affordable Internet service in Amarillo, it’s easy to find broadband Internet on any budget. Faster Internet services, like fiber-optic and cable, are usually more expensive per month than other options. But most TX Internet service providers offer plans with a variety of speeds and features.

What’s the best Internet service in my area?

You can get great TX Internet service no matter where you live – but the types of services available will vary depending on your address. Fiber-optic and cable require extensive networks, so they’re mainly available in major cities with large populations. Satellite is best for rural areas, while DSL and dial-up are available almost anywhere.

What do I do online?

Your online activity says a lot about what Internet option will be best for you. Do you need home Internet or mobile Internet? Are you online all day long or just occasionally? Do you have a large family – or just a lot of devices? The more you do online – and the more people on your network – the more speed and support you’ll need. Internet service providers in Amarillo have tons of plans to choose from.

Need fast Internet service – and affordable Internet service? With TX broadband Internet, you don’t have to compromise. Let us help you find the best Internet service for you.

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